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Bookmobile Community Partners & Service Guidelines: Service Guidelines

Bookmobile Service Overview and Guidelines

(Revised 08/2016)

Working in partnership with a variety of organizations, the Bookmobile ensures that the resources of the Saint Paul Public Library are accessible to those who face barriers in using the library’s fixed facilities.

The 45-to-50 sites the Bookmobile visits each month include multi-unit housing communities, organizations that promote literacy, and groups working with underserved neighborhoods.

Whenever possible, Bookmobile customers are provided with the same level of service one would find at a fixed library facility.

A visit from Goldy in 2009.To be considered for on-going Bookmobile service:

  • Sites must have a sizable population of those who face barriers in accessing Saint Paul Public Library fixed facilities.
  • Sites must be located in the City of Saint Paul. 
  • Sites must be willing to provide the Bookmobile with assistance in communicating with their population.
  • Sites must be willing to assist in resolving safety issues involving Bookmobile service that may develop at their location.
  • Sites should provide Bookmobile staff with access to restrooms and a telephone.
  • Sites must have direct in-and-out access for the Bookmobile vehicle. 
  • A site’s designated parking spot for the Bookmobile should be well-lighted and kept clear of ice and snow in the winter.  Bookmobile customers should have safe and unobstructed access to the vehicle.
  • For school site partnerships, consideration is given to a school's location, demographics, and its ability to participate in the Library Go program.

Sites seeking on-going Bookmobile service should send a written request to the library. 

If the number of customers served at a site is not sufficient over time, a change in service or cessation of service will be considered.

Instead of regular visits from the Bookmobile, sites that have parking or other constraints may elect to receive quarterly a collection of library materials for use by older and/or disabled adults.

Bookmobile Participation in Community Events

The Bookmobile participates in special events that are held at its 50+ ongoing community partner sites.