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BookLens: BookLens Accounts

Information about BookLens - a book rating, review, and recommendation feature in the Saint Paul Public Library catalog.

First Rating

First RatingLogging in to the catalog lets you rate and review items in the catalog.

Before your first rating is stored, information is displayed to let you know about the BookLens project and its terms of agreement and privacy policy.

You will be given an anonymous user name (like "Anonymous-036e"), which you can choose to change to something personal.

Your user name is displayed for any reviews that you write.

If you do not agree to the terms of service and the privacy policy, the rating will not be stored.

Account Settings

BookLens Account SettingsWhen you are logged in to the catalog, you are automatically logged in to BookLens.

If you want to manage your BookLens account, you can follow the link to "Visit BookLens Account" that appears when hovering over the ratings stars.

Default account names are something like "Anoymous-036e". Account names can be changed to whatever you would like.

From this page, click "My Ratings" to see all the items you have rated, as well as links to the items in participating libraries' catalogs [see an example].

In the future, the "Find Books" link will bring up personalized recommendations based on your ratings and the ratings of other users.

When visiting the Account Settings page, you can also opt in to surveys from BookLens researchers and/or opt out of including your ratings in anonymized research sets.