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BookLens: Home

Information about BookLens - a book rating, review, and recommendation feature in the Saint Paul Public Library catalog.

Ratings, Reviews, and Predictions

Anyone can see star ratings for most items in the library catalog. You can give star ratings and write reviews for most items while you're logged in to your account.

When you are logged in, you will also receive predictions on whether you will like other titles in the catalog. As you use the tool more often, the predictive ratings will get more accurate as it gets to know your preferences. In addition to the star ratings, you can choose to share your ratings with other Twin Cities metro library users.


BookLens adds ratings and reviews to Twin Cities metro area library catalog.


Every book, DVD, or CD can be rated by clicking on the star widget. Books that you have already rated will show your rating.


You can write your own review for any book or movie in the library and share it with the community. You can read reviews written by other patrons, right in the catalog!


If you have not rated an item, BookLens will show you a personalized prediction, colored differently from a rating. If there is not enough data yet to make a prediction, BookLens will show the average rating.

Participating Libraries

Libraries participating in BookLens:

Saint Paul Public Library

Dakota County Library

Hennepin County Library

Ramsey County Library

Washington County Library

Eventually, BookLens will be available in the catalogs of all the MELSA libraries.


As you browse the catalog, you will see ratings for items.

Ratings on the browse screen


When you are logged in to the catalog, if you have not rated a title, you will see a prediction for how much the BookLens system "thinks" you will like the book:

Predictions on the browse screen

Note: If there is not enough information to make an accurate prediction, the average rating for the item will be shown.

Ratings and Reviews

If you have already rated an item, your own rating will appear:

My rating

You will also then be able to write a review for the item:

Write a review