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Teen Youth Work with Saint Paul Public Library: Createch Home

This guide is meant to guide staff, mentors, and all those involve with teen programming through Saint Paul Public Library.

Welcome to Createch

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Click and follow the links listed below to keep up-to-date on the happenings at Createch Studio, Arlington Hills Community Center, Saint Paul Public Library, and Saint Paul Parks and Recreation.

Createch Studio Webpage

Understanding Createch - An Overview

Welcome to your online guide towards a better understanding of Createch Studio and Createch Labs. On this website, you will acquire information about the philosophies utilized in Createch spaces, our overall vision in the neighborhoods we serve, and the role of mentors. Listed below is a brief description of all of these and above you can see tabs to each a more in-depth description to aid you as a mentor. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email your mentor coordinator.

Createch Studio and Labs are state-of-the-art digital learning labs for youths aged 12 to 18. These spaces allow youth to explore creative talents, pursue their interests, and spark new passions through current and emerging technologies. The open space is collaboratively shaped by youth members, volunteer mentors, and SPPL/SPPR staff and focuses on positive youth development. At Createch, we subscribe to the learning theory of HOMAGO: Hanging out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out. We aim to harness the teens' creative capacity, unencumbered by the anxieties and learned logic of adulthood, and allow them to explore, hone, and expand these valued skills for their own development. Createch operates as a “Third Space” outside of school structure and the scheduled home environment; it is a place where teens can come and unabashedly express themselves while simultaneously learning new skill sets and gaining hands-on experience with current technology by playing video games, recording music, shooting and editing film, sewing, painting, button making, and much more.

HOMAGO: An acronym meaning Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out, HOMAGO is a learning theory treasured in Createch spaces that are practiced by youths and adults alike. A few main takeaways about HOMAGO are:

  1. No matter what, as long as the youth are engaged they are HOMAGO-ing (and that is fantastic)
  2. HOMAGO is for all, so if you are just standing around, dear mentor, keep calm and HOMAGO on
  3. There is no hierarchy of teachers and learners; we are all working to learn from each other.

HOMAGO is deeply connected to the idea of Connected Learning, a strategy of learning that relies on the idea that we are all supporting each other to pursue our own interest-driven learning. As we work towards a goal of equity, Connected Learning fuels our goal of youth development through youth-adult social connections. These connections are rooted much deeper than a traditional academic teacher & student relationship.

Positive Youth Development: Defined as "a framework that guides communities in the way they organize services, opportunities, and supports so that young people can develop to their full potential.¹" It is also the framework in which strive to use when interacting with our teens in Createch Studio.

Key ideas include: 

  1. A focus on teen strengths and positive outcomes
  2. Maintaining a youth-centric culture of inclusiveness and collaboration
  3. Long-term commitment to development of this program

Createch Lab Information

Createch Labs are pop-up maker spaces open in various SPPL locations city-wide. For more information or to become a mentor at one of these locations, see contact list below.

Hours and Locations --

Sun Ray Library: Monday, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Timothy Turner:

Rondo Library: Tuesday, 3:30 - 5 p.m.

Alice Welna:

Rice Street Library: Wednesday, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Amanda Xiong:

Highland Park Library: Thursday, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Buddy Ferrari:


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