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Resources and Outreach for Diffabled: Adapted Summer Reading Program

Resources for Diff-Abled

Why Have an Adapted Summer Reading Program?

I wanted to create a program for young adults who have the attribute of being diff-abled because as a parent of a kid who falls in this category I know that sometimes your child doesn’t fit into programs without some additional assistance to participate. I wanted a program that would welcome individuals who might be older than the typical teen because I know that developmental delays can mean that your child isn’t always at the same place where his/her peers are and/or can benefit from additional opportunities to participate even when older than the typical age of the activity.  I envisioned a program that would offer activities, opportunities to engage to make this participation easier by providing staff, ideas, supplies, and then rewarding participation and engagement.

Video Clips of Activities

Adapted SRP 2014-Program piloted by Erin Zolotukhin-Ridgway and Mary Knox at George Latimer Central Library


Is Friday a free day? Come Join Us at Central for Summer of Learning Activities for Youth with Developmental Delays, ages 12 and up.


Attendance at all 4 sessions is recommended, but not mandatory.

Did you know that you can earn badges by reading about and trying activities focused on your interests? Come to the library to find out how and take part in fun activities (making snacks, art, make your own book). Set goals and track your steps to meet them.

If you have a 1:1 aide that supports you at home, school or in the community, please bring them along. Call: 651-266-7034 for more information. Register online for all or individual sessions ( Attendance limited to 20 per session, not including assistants

Adapted SRP Program Outline and Activities

We structured each session (get together) so that we had simple activities we could work on for each badge like for Create we could work on decorating our scapbook/journal or we could do a VidRhythm video (see the box to the right for more info on VidRhythm) or we had some activity sheets we could fill out to learn more about each other (Social Networking) and for Get Real we had foam sheets, cardstock, and ribbon to make books about real people or animals using questions I had created. We taped the questions in the book and the participant wrote her answers and voila-we created a fun book on her favorite basketball player-Dwayne Wade. We had a stretch/movement break which we found brief yoga clips to work for both for staff and participants. We also included snacks and I learned that kid/teen friendly is best (I did try salads-live and learn!) and also to keep it simple. We paired our activities with books from Unite for Literacy and Bookflix once we gauged the reading levels of the people who came to our sessions. For the last session we had an awards ceremony planned, but unfortunately no one was able to make it for the last session. I think for future planning I will look at trying to get all sessions done in June and July as it seems more people are gone in August.

Resources Used During Adapted SRP