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Resources and Outreach for Diffabled: Transition, Higher Education, Employment

Resources for Diff-Abled


Why does transition matter? For anyone moving from teenager/young adult to adult is a momentous time whether going on to higher education/training, employment or maybe a little of both. When you have the attribute of having a diffability it is even more of a journey. For students in public school they have legal protections under IDEA (Indivdiuals with Disabilities Education Act) and then when they finish high school or reach age 21, much changes. Now they are no longer protected under IDEA, but ADA and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act which means they need to learn about new legislation. Another change is that students are expected to take a more active role in advocating for themselves in college, training programs, etc.  In high school they were guided by family and a team of school staff, now they are expected to take more responsibility for requesting and designing accomodations, for speaking to others about what they need to learn, on the job, in life. If students do pursue higher education, families have much less access to information on their child's academic progress. Families and youth need to be aware of the changes that happen with transition in order to plan for them, to think about the kind of life they would like to design for themselves or their loved ones, to find out what they or their loved ones enjoy and how to achieve goals.

Employment Resources