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Resources and Outreach for Diffabled: Community Resources and Potential Partners

Resources for Diff-Abled

What Can Libraries Do? Who Can We Work With?

image of people from various backgrounds and abilities linking hands in a circle

How can libraries serve people who have the attribute of being diffabled? This LibGuide is a start to addressing this question with a few examples of a program that my co-worker and I piloted and some resources for teens and young adults. Here I am listing some community resources and potential partners and examples of programs that are being/have been offered. I would love to be able to offer Adapted Summer Reading Program sessions again both for teens and young adults and maybe for younger kids as well. I would like to explore other programming options including a Transition or Job Fair where we could invite partners from the community include St. Paul Public Schools, advocacy groups, community integration/employment partners to present information at tables and/or in workshops so that families and individuals could come to get information on options that are available.Other ideas are to explore working with groups like Upstream Arts which uses the arts to foster communication and social independence or Highland Friendship Club which works to create and provide access to opportunities for teens and adults with disabilities to develop lifelong skills, friendships, and connections to the community. I also think it would be great to have chances to explore technology like an Adapted Createch type activity. If you have feedback on this LibGuide or thoughts about programs, please feel free to contact me at: or 651-266-7000, #5, ask for Erin.

Community Resources and Potential Partners

Examples of Programs