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Indie Rock for Beginners: Minnesota Indie Rock

Check out some wonderful music you won't often hear on the radio.

Classic Sounds

The Hang Ups
The Hang Ups:
So We Go
(Restless, 1996)

Lifter Puller
Lifter Puller:
Half Dead and Dynamite
(No Alternative, 1997)

Paul Westerberg
Paul Westerberg:
(Vagrant, 2002)

The Great Destroyer
(Sub Pop, 2005)

Golden Smog
Golden Smog:
Another Fine Day
(Lost Highway, 2006)

Mark Mallman
Mark Mallman:
Invincible Criminal
(Badman, 2009)

Jim Ruiz Set
Jim Ruiz Set:
Mount Curve Avenue
(Korda, 2012)

The Starfolk
(Korda, 2013)

Now On the Scene

Solid Gold
Solid Gold:
Bodies of Water

We Are The Willows
We are the Willows: A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague (Amble Down, 2009)

Jeremy Messersmith
Jeremy Messersmith:
The Reluctant Graveyard

Lucy Michelle
Lucy Michelle:

Zoo Animal
Zoo Animal:
(Suntanman, 2012)

(Mom+Pop, 2013)

Haley Bonar
Haley Bonar:
Last War
(Graveface, 2014)

Southside Desire

Southside Desire:
Southside Desire
(Piñata, 2014)

Black Diet
Black Diet:
Find Your Tambourine
(Piñata, 2014)

Little Man
Little Man:
Original Face
(Modern Moon, 2014)

New Arrivals

Cloud Cult
Cloud Cult:
The Seeker (Earthology, 2016)

Har Mar Superstar
Har-Mar Superstar:

Best Summer Ever (Cult, 2016)

Hippo Campus
Hippo Campus:
Bashful Creatures (Grand Jury Music, 2015)

Hollow Boys
Hollow Boys:
Believe in Nothing (Modern Radio, 2014)

Rupert Angeleyes
Rupert Angeleyes:
Young Sunset
 (Forged Artifacts, 2014)

Deep Pool
Deep Pool:
Something in the Eye (Korda, 2014)

Retribution Gospel Choir
Retribution Gospel Choir:
3 (Chaperone, 2013)

First Communion Afterparty
First Communion Afterparty:
Earth Heat Sound

Relayted (Jagjaguwar, 2010)